Concerned about Mental Health & Wellbeing? 

Diverse Leap is a charity with the aim of supporting people in Gloucestershire who are experiencing poor mental wellbeing and/or who believe that they may be experiencing the symptoms of anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions. 
We know that many people with poor mental wellbeing can easily become isolated or find it increasingly hard to cope with normal day-to-day life, but we also know how much benefit can be found from simply having someone who will listen to them without judgement. 
Diverse Leap provides that “Listening Ear” in a safe place. 
All our services are confidential and are provided completely free of charge, so why not pop in to your local Support Hub and give us a try? 




Free Yoga Sessions 

In addition to individual 121 counselling sessions, we also offer FREE gentle yoga sessions. 
These run every Friday from 5pm at the Redwell Centre in Matson, and are open to everyone! 
Just pop along in comfy clothes. We'd love to see you! 

What our clients say...  

Diverse Leap yoga sessions have helped me improve my mental health by teaching me how to be in the moment. 
Sue - Diverse Leap yoga participant (18 months) 
I came here for anxiety when I didn’t know which way to turn. When yoga was suggested, my impressions were that it was all about being bendy and putting your foot behind your head. It isn’t! 
Yoga is beneficial because I get an hour of the day where I am fully focussed on the yoga. All my anxieties disappear. 
I’ve learned techniques I can take home with me - breathing and relaxation - and use if I’m having a bad day, especially at night. So it’s really beneficial for me. 
Deanna - Diverse Leap yoga participant (12 months) 
I find I can let go of stress, relax and take time out for me. I feel much better after! 
Lorraine - Diverse Leap yoga participant (12 months) 

 Diverse Leap in the news!  

In June last year, BBC Points West did a really helpful and positive news feature about Diverse Leap. Please click on the YouTube link below if you'd like to watch it. 
We were honoured that BBC Points West wanted to share our story. This really helped to raise awareness for mental health and hopefully reached many hundreds of people who will now know where we are and when, and what we can do to support them. 
Remember: Mental health matters because you matter. 

 We're here to help! 

If you'd like to book an appointment or just want to have an initial chat, please drop in to the Support Hub that is most convenient for you on either Tuesday or Friday, or get in touch today to find out more. 

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